Christian Redl

Christian Redl is a free diver and adventurer. He is an 11-time world record holder and speaker. His mental coaching is in demand internationally as well as his advertising face. His ocean project "7 Oceans – for the love of the oceans" is his heart project.

  • In his freediving courses, interested parties experience how they can double their time in "holding their breath" within 2 hours. The beauty of the underwater world can thus be experienced even more intensively.
  • He packs his experiences from extreme sports as well as his professional background as an investment banker into exciting, motivating, and entertaining lectures.
  • These experiences have taught him a lot mentally. He passes this knowledge on to athletes who learn how to learn special breathing techniques to reduce their stress levels and thereby promote their mental strength. This inevitably leads to better performance.
  • With his internationally experienced team of UW photographers, UW filmmakers and backup divers, he is able to meet all their needs for a successful shoot in the 5-meter-deep pool or outdoors in water bodies.
  • Project 7 Oceans aims to create awareness for the 7 main problems of the ocean and to support organizations, companies and individuals who implement sustainable projects for the conservation of the oceans with donations. Find out more:


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